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Located in the suburbs of Columbia, South Carolina, Providence Orthopedic Hospital was a hands-on redesign by our specialists to meet the needs of the hospital’s award-winning orthopedic service line.

Now known as Providence Orthopedic Hospital, the facility is a 74-bed fully-functioning orthopedic specialty hospital. Since its renovation, the hospital has already garnered recognition as an Aetna Institute of Quality® Orthopedic Care Facility for total joint replacement surgery as well as BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina's Blue Distinction accolade.

Chapel For Ortho Microsite

In the renovation, the waiting area has been retro-fitted to better serve our patients, making sure that even the chairs in the lobby can support a patient who is likely in pain and has difficulty walking. Additionally, the chapel in the hospital was completely redesigned—an homage to the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine, who founded Providence 75 years ago. With a new stained glass wall and rock wall feature, this home for meditation and mass symbolizes the origin and center of the hospital.

Along with premium orthopedic care, the hospital houses an emergency room, the offices for Providence Physicians practices and the Moore Center for Orthopedics.


Providence Joint Center at Providence Hospitals

Chronic hip, knee or shoulder pain can change your lifestyle so that the golf game you love, after-dinner dancing, or walk around the block is no longer enjoyable. Painful and limited movement may interfere with your daily work, activities and sleep. Joint replacement can restore mobility and relieve pain, enabling you to resume those activities and improve your quality of life. The decision to proceed with knee, hip or shoulder replacement is not made lightly, and your primary physician and orthopedic surgeon will help you assess your options.